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Frequently Asked Questions

We will schedule an appointment to meet at your home or business. A written estimate will be completed at that time. We will then schedule another appointment to inventory your items. The inventory can be as detailed as you like. We ask that the client be available during the entire process since it is necessary to obtain information about the assets. Once all the information is collected a completed inventory pack will be returned to you within seven days. Fifty percent of the payment is due upon our initial visit and the other fifty percent is due upon receipt of the inventory package.
We understand that everyone has concerns with confidentiality and privacy. We are bonded, and insured. In addition to this we sign confidentiality agreement with you as part of the standard contract. If you want your inventory to be contained in your possession only we can arrange this or we can keep a copy of your inventory for you in a secured bank box for a fee. Be sure to look at all of our service to see which options fit your needs.
How does the process work?
What about my privacy?
Do you appraise my belongings?
We do not provide appraisals. However it is recommended that you provide appraisals, receipts, and invoices for items during the inventory process. These items will only provide a more complete value of your inventory.
Will HSBInventory help me file an insurance claim?
We will support your inventory with written or verbal testimony verifying that the items listed were observed in place at the time of the inventory. We can provide copies of your inventory to the insurance, police, or 3rd parties as long as we obtain written consent from you.
What should be documented?
All property should be documented. We realize that documenting all items takes time and money. With this in mind you should be sure to inventory your most valuable items first. These items may include furniture, tools, collections, insurance policies, appraisals, receipts, appraised items, etc. Businesses should consider documenting office furniture, electronic equipment, and machinery.